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Affiliate Marketing – The Money Making Network

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular internet marketing method and this is also. The home online business of affiliate marketing is very successful and thousands of people are making their living out of it.

What is Affiliate Marketing – This is an online promotion way that is used by one person to sell a product or service offered by someone else. So, an affiliate marketer is indirectly selling something on behalf of the original seller and he is earning commissions for the sales made by his efforts.

Network - The chain of affiliate marketing involves three persons – the merchant (original seller) – affiliate marketer – the customer. But, now this chain has grown a bit more as there are affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and also some 3rd party vendors.

Promotion - This online promotion way is different from the other internet marketing methods because the affiliates use the advertising methods that are not used by the other methods like organic search engine optimization, paid SEM, e-mail promotion and product reviews. The main game is to drive traffic to one site through another.

History - The concept of affiliate marketing was first introduced in the year of 1998 and since then it has grown very big and people from all over the world are earning money of it. Today, almost every site that sells something, a product, service or a concept has tie-ups with affiliates like Amazon, E-bay etc-etc. Today, the sales revenue generated by the affiliate marketing networks has reached billions.

There are affiliate networks for different trades like retail, travel, finance, gaming, gambling, telecom, publishing and many more. But, the most active and high revenue generating niches are adult entertainment and gambling.

Today, the affiliates are using the every possible way to reach the potential customers. They are using the popular blogs, forums, discussion groups, social networking sites etc-etc.

Commissions –

In this online job, there are three compensation methods.

1. CPS – Cost per Sale
2. CPA – Cost per Action
3. CPC – Cost per Click

Among these methods, the ‘Cost-per-sale’ is the mostly used method.

In the ‘Cost per Sale’ payment method, an affiliate gets paid commission only when a product or service they are promoting is sold. But, the other two methods are different. The ‘Cost per Action’ method pays commission when a visitor performs any action like filling a form out, signing up for a newsletter etc., so, if the visitor does not buy anything, it does not affect the affiliate as this is not a condition in this method, but if they do, it is obviously good for the promoter. And, in the last method, an affiliate gets commission just for ‘clicks’ that means if a visitor just clicks the ad and does nothing else, the affiliate gets their commission.

These days, there are multi-tier programs in the field of affiliate marketing that means the commissions are distributed into a referral network.

The future of Affiliate Marketing is really bright. More and more people are joining this growing home business network that promises huge income. There are many people who have even left their 9-5 job to be a part of this money making chain.

What do you think of becoming an Affiliate? –
 If you need more income, you too can become an affiliate and earn thousands of dollars right from the comfort of your home.

How to Become an Affiliate? - To become an affiliate, you just need a computer and an internet connection at your home. Then, you will need to sign up with an affiliate marketing network like ‘Click Bank’ – this is the most popular one. You will get hundreds of different types of products and services there to affiliate with. You can choose any of them and as many as you want. With every program you choose you will get the required marketing materials like banner ads, text, keywords etc-etc. You can either choose to create your own site to drive traffic (it will be good for the future) or you can also send the traffic to the merchant site.

Now, the next thing that comes here is ‘Training’ – Today, there are many affiliate marketing training programs available on the internet. You can buy any good program and start training. But, choose your training kit carefully as there are many people making money by just selling out & out carp and you will never benefit with that. It would be better if you would go through the different review sites, read a review about the program you want to buy and then make your decision, so that you do not waste your time and money.

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