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What Kind Of Business Opportunity To Start With?

 What Kind Of Business Opportunity To Start With?

There are many kinds of business opportunities, but all of them are split in two groups:
1) Those that are free to join
2) Those that you must pay to join
You can make money from both of them if you know how, but second group is usually better moneymaker.

I say usually because there are many "free to join" opportunities that are great and isn't for sure that all "pay to join" opportunities are the right one. There are many scams on internet and you should be aware of them,
before parting with your hard earned cash.

I am talking here about reliable and established companies charging you money for joining. They have many advantages over free opportunities, starting from better support, stability and the most important, bigger paychecks.

Personally, I was and still am involved with both kind of opportunities and my experience is that "pay" opportunities are much better. Simply, I receive bigger paychecks with them.
Do not assume that joining "pay - opportunity" without hard work will make you money. It won't. You must still put the same effort in both kind of opportunities, but results will be in favor of those you paid for.  

For good marketers it's reasonable to join "paid for" opportunities since they are earning faster with them. Money they pay for opportunity becomes multiplied very fast.
But, what about those who are not sure they will succeed with "pay - opportunities", or even return money they invested. They know they could earn big with these opportunities, but on the other hand they do not want risk losing their money.

Well, my suggestion is first try "free - opportunity" until you learn how to play the game. If you fail, at least you didn't lose your money.


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