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How to Start a Business with No Money in 2022 | 12 Small Business Ideas to Start With No Money

How to Start a Business with No Money in 2022

In this article, you'll discover 12 business ideas to start with little or no money, at the end of the article there are two valuable gifts to help you grow a business, a token of appreciation for reading this article.

Now you've probably heard the saying it takes money to make money while there's some truth behind that phrase it's not a golden standard there are plenty of ways: you can launch and grow a successful startup business with little or no money.

Some businesses don't require capital to get started making them low-risk high, reward ventures are the kind of businesses we're going to focus on here.

In this article we'll walk you through the best businesses you can start with little or no money while nothing is entirely free in this world, these business ideas come pretty damn close.

1- Start a niche website: fortunately you can still start a website with less than five hundred dollars, but with the right amount of research hard work, and marketing can grow into a three thousand dollars plus monthly money maker to give you some ideas: electricians review directory in your area, healthy food producers directory small businesses directory, etc but you don't have to limit yourself to your local area you can go national or even international.

Spend a lot of time researching a profitable and crowded niche when you have found it post content about your niche gather an audience and then contact businesses and professionals to list in your directory you can charge anywhere from 10 to 200 per month for a premium listing.

2. delivery business with millions of emails and phone calls to communicate there is still a need to deliver parcels checks food and other items to customers and associates with a tight schedule may also mean that an executive cannot pick his clothes from the dry cleaner or drop a bank check courier and delivery services are not designed for such tasks businesses and individuals are looking for errand boys, your role will be performing the role your client assigns you will be paid for the errands completed with a bike or even skating gear you are ready to run and earn after, you ensure your car or bike is in good shape and start applying on platforms like uber gloves door dash, or other services available in your area.

3. affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing helps you to earn by referring people to purchase a product you recommend, you can promote the products using a website social media marketing, and other methods this is one of the easiest ways to earn online as it only requires a mobile phone with an internet connection. 

Affiliate marketing has good margins most affiliate programs pay anywhere between 5 to 40 from the sale. to earn more money you can sign up for multiple affiliate programs and focus on those that perform best it's a lot of work involved but you grow an asset that will make you money for years to come once you have found a niche and the products you want to recommend signing up for their affiliate programs get your unique affiliate links and start promoting the products don't spam as you risk getting your account disabled.

4. Blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn money from home it involves choosing a profitable niche starting a blog and monetizing it to generate revenue when you reach enough traffic.

Blogging requires creating quality content engaging your visitors and ultimately offering them products and the information they need most bloggers earn around five hundred dollars to two thousand dollars each month in their first three years, and then when their blog has authority in their niches and a solid audience they can earn more than twenty thousand dollars each month up to one hundred thousand dollars or even more it's proven that hard work and persistence pay off in blogging choose a niche that can attract substantial traffic popular niches are competitive and require top-grade content should you settle for the less competitive niches you should prepare for low traffic numbers.

Still the quality of your content and how well you market the blog determine its value once it has achieved moderate sustained traffic you can make money through many methods of affiliate marketing, selling advertising, creating a paid course, and ultimately selling the blog for a profit.

5. start an e-commerce site: settings up a virtual shop and selling items have never been more accessible than today 15 years ago you had to spend at least ten thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars to launch an e-commerce store later on after WordPress and woo-commerce appeared,  you could end up with one thousand five hundred dollars, bill today with Shopify you have to spend just 45, 15 for a domain name and 30 monthly for Shopify to launch your shop in a matter of hours go with niched products and find unique ways to present and sell them go to Shopify to get an account and set up your first store.

Not ready to pay you to get 14 days of free trial to add your products and start advertising your store.

6-  Cooking and baking: if you have mad skills in the kitchen why not share your wonderful and delicious creations with others and get paid for that? start your own cooking business.

Of course, we recommend you start small and then build up your business, you can cater to a small party and if your food is appreciated you can bet that you'll get at least one catering offer from it before you start cooking you should find out if you can cook out of your private kitchen many states don't allow it so you may need to rent a kitchen or start building one that fits all the requirements when you have this figured out start cooking share recipes on social media and take many tasty pictures with your cooked food, write that you cook and add an order button so visitors can easily order from you.

7- Vlogging: no surprise here youtube is primarily about videos can you create exciting videos that keep viewers returning to your channel then you are the right entrepreneur for a youtube channel depending on how successful you are virality subscriber base and topic.

You can make a lot of money and there are plenty of stories every week of more and more YouTubers making it there the career you can earn on youtube in two ways the number of views on your channel will attract revenue from youtube advertisers, secondly, you can feature products on your channel through endorsements however endorsements require a careful approach because they might send viewers who disagree with the brand away from your channel.

8- Online tutoring what can you teach the world is it a foreign language or the piano. Can you coach fitness or teach coding prepare videos and de-learning materials for distribution to your students promote your work online through advertising or by social media request your students to provide referrals through friends and relatives charge viewers for webinars and workshops held online to let them buy your video courses ebooks, webinar recordings and you will be smiling to the bank from the comfort of your bed creates a course on the topic, you know best and sell it on platforms like udemy skillshare academic or many others. You can also start a blog complete an online course and sell it to your visitors. So you can keep all the profits you will have to take care of marketing the course and handle sales and support.

9- Content writing people write at work in school and of course, some do it as a passion however writing is not as straightforward or natural as it sounds millions around the world are looking for tutors to help them polish their skills if you are good at it you have endless opportunities to start a business on this the first clients are students handling different assignments you may also target executives stuck with reports press releases memos and other business materials.

10. drop shipping is an the idea coming to replace the physical store and the need to build extensive warehouses your role will be to advertise products on any platform possible like Etsy Amazon and eBay including creating a website and social media at this point you buy the product from the manufacturer or distributor and ship it to the interested customer once potential client orders he will send the payment with delivery details you can sell anything from spoons to yachts with no penny in your account in some cases you never even get to see the product all you need is a place where your clients can find you and agree with a delivery company goods are paid before ordering or on delivery eliminating any chances of losing money keep in mind that there are some downsides of drop shipping business high shipping duration lack of customer support refunds take a lot of time unprofessionalism of sellers but if you do enough research and choose the best sellers you can overcome all these downsides and set your business aside e-commerce and drop shipping profits have reached over 5 billion which is an 8-year-on-year increase in start your research on sites like amazon to find products that people want and then look for sellers on sites like aliexpress etc.

11- dog walking and care individuals and families love dogs yet they lack time to give them all the attention required in other cases, a dog owner may be away on a trip necessitating a pet sitter to stay with the dog, if you love pets you will have a field day at home or the home of your client's pet sitters and walkers have the most specific roles you feed the dog collect its poop and play with it if it needs walking you will visit the park or such fun places it is a dream job with excellent returns this is a great a business that you can start for free fun and pays well enough start advertising your services on classified websites like craigslist folks and social media to get your first customers, later on, you can get in touch with students or people who want to have a side gig and give your customers to share the profits.

12- social media management: the changing role of social media for businesses and professionals has opened new avenues for freelancers and people who want to start a business since businesses must focus on the core areas they outsource social media management to remote professionals the role will be to update details on the page answer queries by customers or followers and engage the fans on the page a social media manager requires an internet device and a stable internet connection there are plenty of resources online that will teach you about social media marketing you will be paid based on the hours of an engagement or contractual terms you can manage several pages at the same time helping to boost your earnings when you get more customers you should consider hiring staffers to help you with basic tasks.



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