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  1- Should You Leave Your Job & Start A New Business?

Over the past several years, major corporations have laid off hundreds of thousands of people. And, even in good economic times, these godless, unfeeling corporations and their CEOs continue to lay off people… without any regard for the hardships on families. And, these layoffs and cutbacks trickle down to even the smallest companies (and government jobs too!). No one is safe from being fired or laid off.

Why is this?

1st reason:

First, technology is often a culprit. Technology is replacing a half-million jobs every year. While this means that we get a better price on bread and batteries and everything else at Wal-Mart, it also means that your job is never safe. You can always be replaced by a new machine or a computer with a new piece of software.

Second reason:

Have you noticed that CEOs and big bosses are always talking about “increasing shareholder value” and “increasing profitability”? All this sounds like good management. But these CEOs, who get million-dollar paychecks while the rest of us just barely survive, are speaking in secret code words. They don’t want you to know what they’re saying.

Let me break the secret code for you. Here’s what these CEOs and big bosses are really saying.
“We don’t care about our employees or their families … we don’t care how long they have worked for us or how loyal they’ve been…. We ONLY care about our share price.” This means they will lay you off and outsource your job to a third-world country… when it saves the company only a little bit and raises the share price a few cents.
And, here’s the kicker. They get another million-dollar bonus for cutting your job. The CEOs and big bosses are eating steak at fancy restaurants and laughing at you while you can barely buy groceries with your unemployment check.
This is just unfair to you and anyone else that works for a living.
And here’s what’s worse. When you do keep your job, the big bosses now ask for so much from you and pay you next to nothing for it. Everyone is working harder to keep their jobs, and they no longer have time for their families.
They never get to see their kids because they’re working late at the office or needing to work overtime again. This pressure to achieve takes a toll on so many people … look at all the heart attacks and ulcers and short tempers caused by job stress. And because we never see them much anymore, we wonder if our kids care more for our childcare providers than for us, their real parents.
Does your company pay you for all your sacrifice? Of course not. You have more outgo than income and it’s now so easy to get into debt. You find yourself just surviving … year in and year out. And, because of technology and outsourcing, there are not many ways to advance your career and earn more money. Regardless of what your boss tells you, almost every job is a dead-end job, and moving up the ladder is almost impossible now.

  2- It’s Now Time For A Jailbreak:

It’s just not worth it anymore. So what's your alternative?
The only way to have a good, stable job is to employ yourself through your own small business. The only person you’ll be working to make rich is yourself. This is how you stop those CEOs and big bosses from taking advantage of you.
If you don’t believe me, look at the recent Forbes list of richest people. About 75% percent of the people on the list made their money by owning their own businesses. And, all of these businesses started off as small businesses.
I’m not saying you’ll be the next Bill Gates or Michael Dell … you probably won’t … but I’m saying your best chance of getting ahead in life is through having your own small business.
The best part of having your own small business is you get control of your life. You call the shots. You can run your business any way you want to … and you’ll do it better than any person you’ve ever worked for.
You have the freedom to take time for your kids, to express your creativity and your personality. For me, this is the best part of owning my own company.
It’s time to tell the nasty CEOs and big bosses that you no longer buy into their game… that you won’t let them take advantage of you anymore. It’s time to get your freedom. Once you decide to employ yourself, then a whole new, hopeful world opens for you.